Neck Busts and Jewellery Display Stands

Necklace window jewellery bust displays in leather and velvet

Jewellery displays are important in displaying your excellent products to their best advantage. There are various displays for jewellery available such as lether bust neck forms, bangle stands, ring trays, bracelet ramps and chain padded display trays. As well as window jewellery displays the various types of counter and floor standing display racks can help promote jewellery sales. Racks are usually made from a coated form of metal wire and can be counter standing for point of sale use, fix to the wall or floor standing rotating stand models.

Wire metal display stands and Jewellery display busts

Jewellery display themes that match window display theme

To show your jewellery stock off to its best advantage you should make sure your window dressings and displays follow a similar theme or colour. Your jewellery bust displays, bracelet ramps, ring trays, hanging chain jewellery display pads and other window sundries should all match in material and colours. Presenting the highest quality jewellery display will help with products sales and show your jewellery products at their very best.

Jewellery neck bust displays and bust head forms

A common jewellery display sundry is the neck bust used for displaying chains, pendants, necklaces and various other jewellery goods. Available in many colours and materials the jewellery display bust is an extremely useful display stand. Most popular seems to be the leather finish display neck bust or the simulated leather form known as leatherette. Other popular materials for busts and jewellery display sundries are velvet, velour, wood, suede and velveteen.

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